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Reuben Singh – the Profile

October 15, 2017Reuben Singh

Reuben Singh showed extraordinary promise as an entrepreneur from a young age and by the age of 21, he had been named as Britain’s youngest ever self-made millionaire. A few years after this he was being awarded an entrepreneur of the year award. He has gone from strength to strength and has continued to display a deep understanding of the intricate world of advanced entrepreneurship.

The Knightsbridge landscape is one riddled with Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and all the other luxury cars that one could imagine. The custom paint jobs and number plates from around the world reflect the multicultural makeup of the Knightsbridge community.

For some time now, Knightsbridge has been one of the hottest destinations for wealthy London residents looking to relocate somewhere new and unique. It is exactly the kind of place that you would expect to find an entrepreneur like Reuben Singh.

Meteoric Rise

It was the tail end of the 1990’s when Singh began to receive recognition for his outstanding entrepreneurial skills. After being listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the youngest self-made millionaire and with a thriving business portfolio, the world was at Singh’s feet. He even held the distinct honour of having his portrait hung in the National Portrait Gallery in London and was being widely referred to as ‘Europe’s Bill Gates’.

Since then, interest in Singh has only grown, and he is still providing inspiration to entrepreneurs up and down the country. Singh has even sat on government committees and given his advice to a number of parliamentary groups. His first major business success was with Miss Attitude, a fashion chain which Reuben founded in Manchester’s Arndale Centre when he was just 17. A few years later, he sold the company for a massive profit and he has been in the limelight ever since.

Troubled Times

Like most entrepreneurs, Reuben Singh has experienced his fair share of drawbacks and pitfalls. These are an inevitable part of the life of an entrepreneur, no matter how savvy one is they can never be entirely sure what the markets will do next. Singh has demonstrated an extraordinary capacity to adapt and respond to unfavourable and unexpected circumstances.

Following the sale of Miss Attitude, Reuben was living the high life. He would regularly take journalists out for expensive lunches in his outrageously expensive luxury sports cars and spoke very proudly of his relationship with the then Prime Minister Tony Blair.

In 2002, however, things started to wobble. Beginning with the Manchester Evening News, a number of papers printed negative stories about Reuben’s business dealings; the Financial Times also began questioning the value of Reuben’s Miss Attitude fashion chain when it was sold.

Reuben Singh Bouncing Back

Despite the allegations and the negative press Reuben Singh has endured, he and his followers have continued to believe in his business skills as well as his unique ideas.

These days, Reuben Singh is focused on how the world of entrepreneurship is changing in response to new technologies. He is particularly interested in how entrepreneurs like Mark Zuckerberg have changed the way that we understand the term.


Reuben Singh is a fine example of the kind of brave and savvy entrepreneur that goes on to achieve great things. Reuben has already demonstrated that he is able to adapt to even the most hostile conditions and turn adversity into progress.

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